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Who are we?

Association des guides du Pamir





Pamir Trek Association is a no commercial organization, created in 2008 in Bishkek,
in the Kyrgyz Republic. Its purpose is to gather the shepherds, the breeders and
the villagers from the Pamir mountains, in Kyrgyzstan and in Tajikistan, who wish to participate in the development of the ecotourism in their region. Today, the association includes 12 active members, among whom a director, a person in charge of the communication, a secretary and several interpreters, and nine professional guides who organize and accompany horse trekking and hiking, in the Pamir high mountains.



Aitmamat TOLONOV

Son of a big family of shepherds, I spent my childhood on horseback and under the yurt, in the high mountains. Today head of family, I pursue the work of my relatives by developing our breeding of yaks, sheeps and horses which live free on the high pastures of the Pamir, in Murghab district..


In Kyrgyz language, "bakyt" means "happiness". This happiness, I find it within my family, by living with my six daughters nd my sun, my wife and my relatives. I also find it in the mountains of Pamir Alaï, that I walk round regularly on by horse for a long time. It is there that I was born, it is there that my horses live, it is there that I want to live and to work.


Soubashi valley, where I live with my family, is situated at 3.400 meters high,
in the Oriental Pamir. It is there that live our herds of yaks, sheeps and horses.
Thanks to the first training course from YKA foundation, intended for the guides
of Pamir, in 2008, I discovered the wealth which brings me the meeting
with foreigners, and I like making them discover our mountains and our traditions


Lenin Peak is a part of the landscape at which I look every day since my childhood.
To accompany the climbers coming from the whole world was a dream,
which I realized by carrying their luggage on the back of my horses, up to the base camp.
I like working with my horses, as made it my father, and as he taught it to me.


I was born in the village of Alitchour, close to the Wakhan region of Tajikistan.
I have two passions: horses and kitchen. One of my greatest pleasures is to go with foreign travelers for shareing with them my favorite dishes prepared with local products.
As I am the youngest of my family, it is my responsibility to lead the flocks in the winter pastures.


I live in the valley of the Madiana in Murghab district, where the climate is traditionally favorable to the breeding of horses.
From my father I inherited the art of training horses for "At chabysh" race. I like to participate in endurance horse races organized annually by the YKA Foundation. My horse has won this race twice, so I called "Champion".


I am ont of the epresentatives of the third generation of a family of yak herders in Alichur plateau in the Eastern Pamir, where we still need horses to work in the mountains.
The Kyrgyz horse breed is the tool most suitable for shepherds in high altitude.
I am one of the first member of the self-help group of Kyrgyz horse breeders in my region.


For two years I accompanied treks in the Pamir Alai, attending the guide. I enjoyed the contact with travelers, and I gradually understood what they liked discover our mountains.
In 2012, I led my first horseback riding, with great pleasure. Since then, I keep free time each summer to guide treks. It is for me also a new source of income to support my family.

Shaidilda ALIEV

I grew up in the small village of Chechekti, ancient biological experimental station of the Soviet Union in the Eastern Pamirs.
From my family, I inherited the love of the land and of the horse.
Horse has always been present in our lives to meet our daily needs of transportation and work.